Counseling for individuals and families in Southwest Florida

Sometimes raising a teenager goes beyond growing pains. The Family Management Services program may be able to assist you during these trying periods. Families experiencing difficulty with their children (ages 10 through 17) can receive free individual and family counseling by participating in this Y program. This short-term program may be just the help you need.


Areas of concern may include:

  • School (truancy, academic or behavioral problems)
  • Home (not following family rules, not adhering to expectations including curfew, chores, responsibility or other family issues)
  • Running away
  • Anger
  • Peer relations
  • Self-esteem


All it takes is a telephone call, and a Master's Level Counselor will conduct a screening to gather information and assess the nature of the problem. Then a Service Plan will be developed to address the identified issues. Skills and strategies will be implemented through counseling to help improve and change the situation. If needed, youth and families may be referred to appropriate community agencies for additional assistance.


Please call 952-1644 for more information or assistance.


Free Anger Management and Parenting classes are provided through Family Management Services.